2012 USSSA Gold Medal Games

Description: The USSSA Gold Medal Games is an Olympic-style event featuring teams from all over the world. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams. Canada, France, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Venezuela, and the United States were amongst the 2011 competing programs. The 2012 event is a WOOD BAT event

Divisions: Junior & Senior

Dates: July 14th-21st, 2012

Location: Osceola Stadium in Kissimmee, FL (about 25-30 minutes to Walt Disney World)
(Osceola County Stadium is Home of the Houston Astros Spring Training)
631 Heritage Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Event Layout (details will be posted shortly)
  • July 14th: Check-in at designated times
    • Time slots will be issued as the event approaches
    • Countries will be able to practice in a designated time slot upon confirmation with USSSA
    • Team Social and Meet & Greet will take place at 7pm
  • July 15th: Each Country will have a 2-hour designated practice time slot
    • International Teams will have opportunity to send players to attend evaluation upon coaches' discretion.  Tentative schedule here
  • July 16th-21st: USSSA Gold Medal Games

Additional Information: USSSA National Team Members will receive uniforms during check-in.  Please bring spikes and socks.  Additionally, USSSA will be sending out emails with information regarding the USSSA Gold Medal Games.  Please respond to these emails.  Necessary information, such as uniform sizes and rooming needs, will be included. These items WILL NOT be received by the participant if no response is provided to these emails. 

2012 USSSA National Teams

2011 USSSA Gold Medal Games

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